Blogging Goals

OK, It is official. This mommy is going to be diarizing her journey for her little princess to enjoy reading one day.
I have physical books that I have written as a diary of the journey, actually to my daughter, so I will be using that as we go along.

My goal is to write once a week, starting from the beginning of the “mommy journey.”
Trusting the Lord to lead me from a Biblical point of view and get a good following of other mommies that would enjoy reading and interacting on the topics that come up.
A quick look at some topics, generally my pregnancy and mommy journey as a first time mom, some of our favourite baby stuff and mommy stuff during the journey, Biblical aspects of parenthood, things and people that assisted during this journey – based on a South African market.

Heavenly Father,
I pray for Your Word to come through this creative writing adventure, use my fingers and this blog for Your Glory. May the testimonies of Your great favour inspire, encourage and bring more souls to You.

God Bless all the Mommies and their LO’s

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