Diary Entry – 2nd November 2019

Such nerves & excitement very early on this Saturday morning…

I had placed a home pregnancy test, the Clicks Early Detection Pregnancy Test, on the bath next to the toilet the previous night, I know I wake up early to go to the loo and on this day that first release was important.

I was still half asleep, but managed to do the test, a little confused in my sleepiness I eventually realized the test was positive. I sat on the loo, praying and crying for a bit, so filled with gratitude!

I snuck back into the room thinking your dad might be fast asleep, with the test in my hand. When I walked in your dad looked at me with expecting eyes. I burst into tears as I told him the test was a positive result. He held me so tightly and we couldn’t go back to bed. We sat chatting about the names we had discussed. We prayed.

I sent a picture on WhatsApp of the test to family members on my side.

Your Nana was here in JHB from KZN for the weekend, and we were going to your uncle and aunty that day too, we had arranged to take Nana out for breakfast today. Nana likes little coffee shops, we went to the Daily Coffee Café at the Woodlands Boulevard Shopping Centre. The meal and time spent at the Daily Coffee Café was great!
We told your Nana the fantastic news – which I was nervous about  – over breakfast. She was so excited, she video called Oupa so we can tell him the news too, he was so happy he cried.

After breakfast we went to the cemetery where your great gran and grandpa are buried (Nana’s parents). We then went to your uncle and aunty to spend time with them and told them the great news too. In the end all were over enjoyed.

One doesn’t usually tell about a pregnancy so early on, I was certain that the Lord had answered my prayers and that this was the beginning of an amazing journey, the path the Lord has set out for us.

Bible verses at the bottom of my written book:
Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous! For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
Psalm 100:3 He made us, and we are His. We are His people, the sheep of His pasture.

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