Diary Entry – 14th November 2019

Photo by Melissa Nel

Hello again my little one.
I have been feeling like work has been a bit much. There is normally quite a bit for me to do and I am never really up to date, there’s always something more urgent to do and my work seems to fall behind, not so proud of that fact.

Had a little “wobbly” at work. I very possibly didn’t eat enough, I have been quite strict on myself with eating over the last couple years due to fitness goals. Also been feeling pressure to finish my work. I started feeling strange while eating an apple. I couldn’t talk properly or understand my work friends. My fingers and face were numb. I was imagining all sorts of things…wondering if you were alright, worried I was having a stroke – as I imagined the symptoms to be when hearing and reading about such things. I was totally confused so nothing I was trying to figure out was making any sense either. Work friend to the rescue…again. She grabbed me, drove me to the doctor, spoke to your dad on the phone. Spoke to the receptionist and to the doctor. She fetched your dad from the waiting room when he arrived. What a friend! What a saint! Thank you Lord Jesus for such a caring and action taking friend!

The Dr said he thinks I was stressed, he booked me off for the rest of the day and the following day, Friday. I was scared and nervous – but God kept us safe and well.

Bible verse at the bottom of my written book:
Mark 9:23 “Anything is possible if a person believes.”

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