Diary Entry – 18th November 2019

Your “first photograph”

Our first day gynea appointment.
When we arrived the reception ladies were all so nice, I was told to take a urine sample bottle in a bowl on the table and to go to the ladies room to urinate in it and then to sit in the waiting room for my turn. First times of things always seem to feel odd and uncomfortable, I wonder to myself, how do I clean this sample bottle once done because this is a messy job, especially when not used to it. I did my best and then even more strange was the feeling of sitting in the waiting room with this urine sample, which I had slotted in my bag after wrapping it in tissue.
Once called, I sat in another room waiting for the nurse. She too was lovely, dipped a stick in the urine, weighed me and checked blood pressure which all went into a file for the Dr.

Next we saw Dr Van Rooy. Sat waiting in a room on a bed with a screen on the wall infront of me and a coputer looking contraption (the sonar machine).
Dr came in and looked at the new file and we discussed my blood pressure and when my last cycle was. I was comfortable, he was a lovely man, seems to be quite the realist, I would imagine in his line of work he needs to be – but even more amazing was seeing you & understanding where you are hiding. I found out interesting things about the changes in my body. We did a sonar, put some warmed gel on my lower abdomen close to the cervix and proceeded to use the wand, he had to press quite a bit.
The sonar that told us :
You are 7 weeks and one day old.
You are 1.17cm
We got to hear your heart beat (I cried – how beautiful a sound, I was over joyed) which is perfect at 151bpm for your size
You are due 4th July 2020 – concluded by head circumference.

We are all SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL! Next appointment = 9th December 2019

Your dad and I already love you so much! God is SO GOOD! And always in perfect time.  I recorded your sonar, took photos of your “first photo” inside my tummy right in the hall of the hospital before even leaving and sent to all the family. I know that we will see you soon and our entire world is going to change. I continue to glow in the Word of the Lord with all His Promises, I know that your existence is in the Lord’s “Yes” and “Amen.”

I have named you Kapok, in Afrikaans (one of my favorite words) sleet as in tiny snowflake.

Bible verse at the bottom of my written book:
Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.

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