Diary Entry – 26 March 2020

What an exciting day today. We had to pack everything up in these last two evenings after work – mainly your daddy – because mommy is being careful while you are growing in the tummy. You are 27 weeks along now.

My Fave place to check what’s going on with your growth.

So your daddy got a trailer and some gents to help and we had everything in the new home by 13h00.
We took the day off from work, lockdown starts and we had been looking for a bigger home so that we have more space and you will have your very own room with enough space for your brother and sister too. I must say this was a bit stressful, the lady moving in where we were as well as the people living where we are moving into all wanted to be moved before lockdown otherwise we all have to stay where we are. All contracts were ending at the end of this month. This lockdown is unknown – we have no clue even how this works, I don’t think anyone has missed the news or president speaches of late.
But God! His provision always leaves me speachless.

I am so excited to do up your baby room. Now we are going to have to wait for the lockdown to be lifted before we can go buy your stuff, at least God ensured we could spend lockdown in the new home!
Thank you Lord!

We love you so much KC! Our special gift from our Lord and Saviour!

Bible verse at the bottom of the book:
Exodus 15:2 The Lord is my strength and my song; He has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise Him.

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