Diary Entry – 1 June 2020

Baby Bump of little KC
Photo by Melissa Nel

Ther’s something happennig today…
we celebrat the nearness of your arrival with a very different baby shower.
An online baby shower because there are still covid lockdown restrictions and we are not permitted to have gatherings.
Your brother and sister are at least here for the weekend.
Many of the baby shower attendees were not able to come right to join the zoom call an dothers couldn’t join, but between your aunty Candice, your Oumi and your Daddy all the gifts were here for the event…and there were some lovely surprises!
My gym friends arrived at the complex gate to say hi and bring their gifts as well as all these yummy things to eat!

Your Grandpappy and Grandmama were also brought into the complex by your Daddy for a visit, also with gifts and some more yummy things.
What a wonderful day!
We could see all the people on the zoom meeting, aunty Candice lead the meeting, even my friends who popped in all rushed home to be able to join in the zoom call. We at least did one “traditional” thing, we opened all the gifts for the atendees to see, such beautiful and cute things.
Mommy is now at ease – we have almost everything for your arrival…so very blessed!

God is good and continuously provides! Always on time!
I am in awe at the Greatness of our Creator and His provision and fulfilled promise, even when we doubt with our worry.

And aunty Candice knew how I was worried about not having things for your arrival. She worked so hard. Your sister Chloë helped too.
Now your sister and I get to go through all these cute things and sort them out together tomorrow. Yay – how exciting!

Love you my little baby! You are clearly loved by all already.

Bible verses at the bottom of my book:
Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.
Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.”

P.S, I am loving the preggy pillow still! Makes the largeness more comfy. I also enjoy you waking me up at 2 every morning with your little jive session, I pray for you during this time and take comfort in feeling you jive as I know all is well with you as I trust in the Lord’s plan.
When it’s time to wake up at dawn I sing to you. Jesus loves you this I know….

Another favorite mommy thing: Happy Events Cream! Let me just say, no stretch marks from pregnancy. Really was amazing to use and during the time of my pregnancy Clicks would sometimes have a 3 for 2 special, I thought it worth the cash! Maybe even purchasing the 2 of the Happy Event Antenatal Massage Lotion and 1 Happy Event Firming Cream when the specials are on, so that you have the firming up cream after baby arrives because getting to a shop and or spending money on yourself will probably not happen.

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