Diary Entry – 5 June 2020

My dearest little Khaleesi, we had our 37 week Dr appointment today.
As usual I was excited… Time getting closer for your arrival. I have a week left of working from home, finishing things up for a hand over. I have been going to the office a few hours a day to train some of my colleagues to handle certain parts of my job and so my work continues while I am on maternity leave.

Our appointment was at 12h00. The Dr was very busy again. We eventually had our turn, my way in was the same and the heart rate monitor over my tummy for you. When we got to the sonar room the Dr was concerned. It seemed your heart rate test on the monitor was a concern and you only picked up 1gr or so in weght. Furthermore the placenta has rapidly deteriated in the last week, which means you are not getting enough nutrients to grow.

Dr sent us back fo rthe heart rate monitor for you. It was better. Turns out Mommy had made a mistake, I thought a “brackston hicks” – a fake contraction – was you moving and so I pressed the button to indicate your movement, but it seems you were actually sleeping.

Needless to say Dr wants us back on Monday. your arrival has been moved to possibly Monday evening. In order for me to be boked into hospital I am required to go do a Covid 19 test tomorrow.

Your mommy had felt rather emotional. I have been waiting so long for your arrival and all of a sudden I feel less ready than ever. I need to remind myself that everything is in God’s hands.
I feel a little bit robbed sometimes with the lock down and restrictions. Completely missed out on a 3D sonar scan for you as it is not a medical necessity.
However, all turned out great so far and I still loved the fact that I could spend so much time with your dad.
Who knows if things will “go back to normal” and the world was already quite a mess. However, we have been SO blessed! Thank you Lord Jesus that we were found and saved and we can trust and lean on you through these trying times!

I find it amazing how fear grips us all because we think about all the problimatic possibilities and we allow ourselves to stress when we can have definite peace that surpasses all understanding through our Lord Jesus.

Bible verse at the bottom of my book:
Psalm 25:10 The Lord leads with unfailimg love and faithfulness all who keep His Covenant and obey His demands.
Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all of you are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

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