Diary Entry – 6 June 2020

Photo by visionart.av on Pexels.com

Arriving at Lancet lab at around 10am, there was no queu. The rest was not pleasant, but at the same time, not bad. A long earbud looking thing is inserted down the left and right of my throat and turned or twisted. I was gagging a bit. My throat also felt a tad scratchy afterwards but now done and results will be in 48 hours.
I know there is a nasal test done too. I can’t say which I prefer because I have only experienced the one.

Mommy has still been emotional, trying to get my mind ready for Monday’s possible C-Section. You see, I wanted a natural birth for you. We leave it all in God’s hands.
I get more emotional wondering how my emotions affect you…Daddy says I am a silly billy, but gives us lots of love.

Obviously I have been reading up online and in books about how things happen and what is going on with you and with me, to be honest at this point what I am reading is making me feel less in control, more worried and thinking way too much. Reading about the fact that we can state how we want things to be for the birth and all the things that should be ready and all the things necessary, but I have come to realize that this is all unknown. It does not matter how much you try plan life changes things and circumstances change that cause things to not go according to plan. I am really relying on the Lord to keep me calm and well. To keep you healthy and strong!
Having a C-Section during Covid is obviosuly going to be different as Covid was never around before. Friends have told me it will be like a holiday, I will rest for 3 days and the nurses will attend to you and I…
I was really dead set on natural birth, it is hosetly the best way, only when complications arise should one do a C-Section.

Bible verse at the bottom of my book
Deuteronomy 31:8 “Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you.”

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