Diary Entry – 8 June 2020

Photo by Melissa Nel

Back to the Dr today. Possibly your birthday…
Appointment at 11 am. Our bags are all packed and in the car in case we are being admitted straight away.

The hospital had a really long queue outside by the “Covid 19” screening tent today, I have never had to wait so long.
Also almost felt like we were not getting in, I told them in the screening that I did the Covid test for hospital admission on Saturday but haven’t received results – I had to tell them that Dr ordered the test and that I was there to also receive the results.
It was making me a little nervous, seems that some things are still being ironed out, improvements needing to be made with the screening I guess. People are scared and stringently following rules but there are sometimes some grey areas and no one has had to go through this kind of thing before….
We were eventually approved and got into the hospital, I was worried about now being late for the appointment too.

Dr was really busy again today. We did all the necessary (urine, weight, blood pressure) and your heart rate monitoring looked like you were fast asleep again. Got to the sonar room and Dr was happier with the results, you picked up some weight and all was in order. So Dr decided to rather do the C-Section tomorrow, we now have to do it because the covid test is only valid for 72 hours. Covid test is around R 900 at the moment, and the medical aid paid for this one because of the situation and ordered by the Dr.
Dr sent me to go get a steroid injection to assist with your lung development as it’s better to wait until 38 weeks before birth. This week at the end of the week you would be 37 weeks.
Due to all the results and current situation we had to make a decision for your birth, which will be tomorrow! Tuesday 9 June 2020.

We have to be back here at 2 pm for booking in and the procedure at 5 pm.

With Covid, Daddy can’t visit us, which makes me sad. We will be in hospital for 3 days and no one is allowed to visit, not quite what I thought I would experience for my first child’s birth, but Daddy will be there for your birth and fetch us in a few days.
We are not alone! Our Heavenly Father is with us and I thank Him for being with me on this journey! Each time I felt sad about the Covid rules making sure you go to all your appointments alone, or news I didn’t expect or want, He was with me! Holding my hand while I prayed through all these experiences.

Bible verse at the bottom of my book:
Proverbs 16:24 Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

Writing this now I am reminded to give some kind words…. everyone’s story and situation is different. Reading things to try get yourself mentally ready for how you want things to go is great, but expectation is what brings disappointment, I really had to learn to let go and let God! That is the only way you get through things, knowing your Heavenly Father is working all things out for your good (Rom 8:28) because you love Him, and He definitely loves you!

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