Diary Entry – 3 July 2020

There’s excitement brewing in me today. My sister is arriving from Bloemfontein. Your aunty Candice, uncle Dirk and cousins, Layla and Dominik, will see you for the first time (at around 3 weeks old)

Grandmamma and Grandpappy bought this cool wooden cot – that will be a single bed too for later – with drawers and shelves. It’s been specially made for us from uncle Dirk’s sister. Getting it here to GP from Bloem seems to be a bit of a mix up though. Due to the gift, we had not set up your room, besides, you have been sleeping in our room. Due to Covid and not being able to purchase some stuff before your early arrival, you first slept in the pram next to the bed by me. Honestly, I wasn’t so happy about it. I would pray myself to sleep and keep waking up, praying too – as if I never stopped from when I nodded off, while I check on you. Are you safe, are you alright and covered, are you breathing, have you moved in a way that you can fall out? At least I could try nap with you during the day- well, hopefully.
At least sleeping in the pram didn’t last long.

Daddy got us a co-sleeper camp cot, which worked well. It was just really big to have next to the bed. I couldn’t move around nicely or easily with the C-Section also being a little bit painful trying to move to the bottom end of the bed for me to get off. I think it was too big inside for you too. Now we have a smaller beside me cot, been so much easier. But I recon you will sleep by us in the room for some time still. Plenty of time to get your room ready…. we use our room at the moment for almost everything, except bathing you.
There are actually so many types of pillows and things for infants to ensure safe sleeping. We decided on the Safe’n Sound Sleep System. It has adjustable Velcro side wedges to move – for as you grow – and a contouring head cushion, this item was great value because it was cost effective, and we can use it for a long time during infancy.

3 in 1 wooden crib (becomes a toddler bed and a desk as kiddo grows)

Aunty Candice has been waiting to see you and hold you – “in so long” – as she describes it. Mainly because she has been waiting so many years for me to have a baby 🙂 and you are finally here!

Bible verse at the bottom of my book:
Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous! For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

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