Diary Entry – 18 July 2020

Hi beautiful…
Your cot is going to be put together today!
There was much excitement and nerves, the courier arrived yesterday finally bringing your cot. It went through a number of transport mishaps. It has arrived slightly damaged. Yes disappointing. But Daddy put it together today. Gosh some of the parts were really heavy.

First though, a little outing. Daddy got a base for your car chair (second hand), so much easier than using a seatbelt to secure your chair in the car’s back seat.
We went to Baby City and got a few things for you – including mittens! I only had 2 pairs, a crocheted one from my co-worker and a pair aunty Candice got for you with a cute beanie and bib that says “Princess” (which you totally are! To us and the Word says we are Heirs with Christ 🥰)
Anyway, no more socks on your hands. It’s really been cold. Need to keep my little one warm! Especially since you insist on not being swaddled. You sleep like a starfish and get so upset when your arms are restricted.

You and I sat in our bedroom while Daddy put the cot together in your room. He battled a bit with some stuff. I think I am better at puzzles than what Daddy seems to be, but the physicality of getting it together I would definitely not have been able to do by myself. Good thing you don’t move around all that much, I could assist Daddy where needed.
I am so pleased that your room is coming on!
It was something we didn’t have the pleasure of preparing beforehand (like we – humans – think it is supposed to happen). Covid added quite a few hiccups in my plans. In many ways I had to really trust God because all my plans failed due to outside interferences with Covid around. And WOW! My God was there and brought us through every time, on the last minute allot of the time. But He is always on time!

Grandpappy and Ganmamma blessed us so much with this gift of your 3 in 1 cot! And although arriving a bit bumped, chipped, cracked drawer face and scratched, I am so happy with it overall! It looks great! Now I can put all the cute bedding in from Avocado Green. Beautiful white and pink with bunnies. It’s gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to set it all together in your cot, in YOUR room!
This is the type of set we got with pillows and change mat – just bunnies.

Um….You will still be sleeping by us for a while though. It’s cold and with breastfeeding it’s just easier for us all at the moment, Daddy agrees and so we stick to it.
There’s always worries in the back of one’s head. Thoughts of later sleep issues for you, am I spoiling you? Then, if you sleep in your room by yourself, I am concerned of not hearing if there’s an issue. SIDS already a worry for me, I check on you allot during the night and whenever you are sleeping. At the end of the day, we are all comfy, you are only as small as this right now – the time will pass quick, and I pray for wisdom, grace and knowledge on what is good and right for you. The Lord will guide us through it all.

Bible verse at the bottom of my book:
Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

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