Diary Entry – 19 July 2020

My Precious little girl had her first walk around the complex in her pram – not that you would have noticed, you were fast asleep šŸ˜“
I really enjoyed the walk. Your dad and I would walk every day when mommy was in third trimester carrying you, we were so blessed to be able to move into this complex the day before lockdown. These grounds and gardens are beautiful! There are some guinea fowl here and I can just see you running around after them, when you grow to that point. It’s a lovely thing to dream about…. seeing you grow.
Anyway, we walked every day that the weather was good. šŸŒ»

Your Daddy does a great job looking after us! He’s always doing the shopping trips, he makes nice meals, and he helps clean the house.
My prayer is that you too find a very involved and helpful husband one day, that loves you completely, the way Christ loves His church.
Your Daddy is so involved in your everyday life….. my heart warms to see it!
Honestly, there are many times I feel lonely, and I am actually not at all, sometimes the business of life makes one feel even more isolated. After all, Daddy helping with so much, and he works all day. He is so tired when he gets home, not to mention he is awake at night when I am feeding you and changing you. He even helps with the changing. Keeps you a bit busy too while I am getting things or sorting something out in the middle of the night. Having a baby can be tiresome, but SO rewarding. We love you so much! Doing all these things is done in love and makes it feel easier. I also think it seems easier because we wanted you, we were waiting for you. I wonder about the mommies who felt they weren’t ready, mommies that were in a position due to a mistake or something happening in their lives, now they are trying to be a mommy, under pressure, without assistance. We pray for mommies out there who are battling. May the Lord make His Spirit feel so present in their lives.
Sometimes the tiredness is a bit much and I feel like I might be on autopilot. But that’s OK too.
Like I said before, I want to enjoy every part of being a mommy, time goes by so fast, so I try not being on autopilot all that much. Every little thing is a memory, cherished forever in my heart!

One thing I am sure we will remember about midnight changing is Kung Fu fighting. You are sometimes kicking and swinging your arms so much, Daddy says you are doing Kung Fu and he sings the song to you. We have even gotten you dressed in a panda outfit. Daddy definitely plans to show you those movies one day. Xander loved them when he was growing up. Was kind of a family favorite at the time.

Things are apparently escalating with virus positives and deaths, the hospitals are overloaded, and it seems like a dream to me, like something out of movies that we watch. One doesn’t expect it to become reality.
As a result, no one has gotten to see you besides family. The ladies at me workplace would just love to see you, hold you. We just can’t take that chance. Honestly, I do not want to be taking you out anywhere with all this Covid stuff going on.

God has been SO GOOD, protecting us and continually providing for us.
I am seriously missing church too. šŸ¤ Jesus is however with us all the time. šŸ¤

We love you beautiful!šŸ’• If there’s one thing I know for sure, God loves you so much more than we ever could. He is the One who takes care of you and all your needs.

Bible verses at the bottom of my book:
Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.”
Psalm 25: 10 The Lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness all who keep His covenant and obey His demands.

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