Diary Entry – 3rd November 2019

Hi little one. I have been feeling so excited and nervous, so filled with gratitude to the Lord. And off we go to church at New Life Assembly.
This Sunday morning was a testimony service. Your dad and I had a testimony! Your dad told everyone about you and the previous day’s test.  I tried to add to the testimony, ended up being rather emotional, not sure anyone heard exactly what I said.

I spoke about my intense prayer on the previous Wednesday evening, 30th October 2019. I had an inkling of your presence. It was so clear as I was dwn on my knees, I could see you. There were concerns in my mind and I lay it all out before my Savior’s feet, gave it all up. I had a broken my foot in the first week of my kickboxing class in May, which the Doctor said I would need surgery for. The specialist at Wilgeheuwel at lleast disagreed, however I had been concerned about it as it seemed to just not be mending. I had quite a few tears and prayers over this foot. The plan was to go have an X-ray checkup in November. God answered my prayer in a dream that night. I dreamed that I went for X-rays and was told my foot is 100% healed. God told me not to worry about my foot, that your presence is real and He protected you from X-rays. How great is our God!

Bible verse at the bottom of my written book:
Psalm 55:22 Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you.

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