Diary Entry – 11 June 2020

Day 2 of your life in the outside world. Still tickles my soul to know I now have you in my arms! Got to say reality sets in quite quickly. There is so much unknown and fear trying to make its way in, and I remind myself that we must not believe the lies. The promises of God’s word are true, yes and amen!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Due to the whole Covid thing it would seem that the hospital is operating differently. I think babies are usually kept in the nursery for a bit. I have had you with me 24/7, which I prefer, I learn better with hands on experience. You and I will get to know each other well before we go home.

Yesterday I felt a little inadequate, the nurses sometimes assume we know things – never mind that during Covid I wasn’t able to go to any prenatal classes and online one’s weren’t quite happening, so my knowledge is kind of limited to what i have looked up and read, who knows if there’s more I was to learn? I trust the Lord!
At least you had your first stool, black which seemed weird, especially to see, but totally normal.
So, breastfeeding seems to be… not so easy – it doesn’t matter how much research you do. Getting worried about you not eating 😖😟
I also really miss your Dad.

The nurse showed me how to bath you today, then she sat us down – helped us with some breastfeeding tips. Put a breast pump on me to see if there is milk and I was so relieved when I saw that milk was definitely coming out. Been praying about just about everything, AND ANOTHER ANSWERED PRAYER! God provides!

Oh, the Dr’s arrive very early in the morning – my Dr is happy with my progress. Aunty Candice told me to ask your Pediatrician to check you for jaundice.
Your mommy has eaten too many yum dried fruit squares (was told to take something like that to ensure the tummy works so we can go home) so I was in the bathroom when the pediatrician arrived to check on you. I asked the nurses to get him to come back but it didn’t work out. The maternity ward is full, so he is really busy.

Another lovely lady came to see me about breastfeeding. Her name was Celesté and she made all the difference! Now I know more and can understand what needs to be done – you and I can practice and make sure we get this right and I feel so much better about breastfeeding now! Celesté will come back tomorrow to check on us ☺

Bible verses at the bottom of my book:
Habakkuk 3:18 I will rejoice in the Lord! I will be joyful in the God of my salvation!
Romans 8:39 Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God.

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